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stack of 3 choco taco flavored marshmallows
packages of 12 pack bags of marshmallows
packages of 6 pack bags of marshmallows
ice cream s'more sandwich made of chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream and toasted choco taco marshmallows in the middle

choco taco

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Seasonal Flavor 

Part of the Ice Cream Truck collection! Vanilla ice cream is fine and all, but when you add in chocolate swirls, chopped roasted peanuts, and waffle cone? Yup, instant upgrade. This marshmallow packs in all these decadent flavors, but add a couple of these toasted or melty to a dish of ice cream, and you're on a whole new level of deliciousness! 

Choice of 12 or 6 marshmallows per package. 
Each marshmallow is cut into a square, approximately 1.5”x1.5”x1”.

Dairy Free
Ingredients: sugar, water, honey, salt, gelatin, cornstarch, dark chocolate, peanuts, sugar cone pieces
Contains: soy, wheat, peanuts