Squish Stars: Lindsey Mathews

photo of lindsey mathews smiling
The past number of months have been a whirlwind. Yet, there are some women entrepreneurs that are continuing to break the mold and shine like the stars they are! We're proud to introduce our Squish Stars campaign, highlighting incredible women entrepreneurs!

We were lucky to talk to Lindsey Mathews, Founder and CEO of  BIRTHFITand ask her some questions. 

Tell us about your business? How did you get started?
BIRTHFIT started as a blog based on my experience as a chiropractor, birth doula, and strength and conditioning coach. In 2017, I launched our first BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar and our online programs. Since then BIRTHFIT has grown and has become the trusted brand for many midwives and obgyns as a fitness and rehab source.

What measures have you been forced to take since COVID started? What is the biggest pivot you had to make with your business? 
Lindsey: We have focused on our online programs this year. Previously our revenue was from half seminars and half online programs. It's allowed us an opportunity to get clear on our mission, values, and messaging and to learn the customer even more. I feel like we have a great strategy unfolding as we go into the holidays and into 2021. It was a much needed reset.

What have you learned from this experience thus far? Both on a professional and personal level. 
Lindsey: ADAPTABILITY is key and transparent communication with your team is respectful. I think as the leader and CEO problem solving is continuous and being able to adapt will be the key to success as a business. Along the journey clear communication is the best thing I can contribute to my team- whether it's positive or negative or neutral subject matter. And this adaptability has definitely influenced my personal life as well.

Have any businesses or individuals helped to inspire you through this time? What do you admire most about them? 
Lindsey:  I like the businesses and individuals that do not conform to mainstream media and/or marketing. They stay true to who they are but adapt within their values and mission.

What are the biggest issues for running your company right now? What areas do you need help with? 
Lindsey:  Marketing. I'm just learning about online marketing as all of our new customers previously came from word of mouth.

What's been your biggest win since starting your company? 
Lindsey:  Being profitable. Even if just a little a bit. I started with $75 in the bank and no investors.

Are there any special or new self-care practices that have helped you stay grounded? 
Lindsey:  ALL of them! This is my jam to stay center and aligned with my midline so that I make choices out of love and not fear. Daily journaling in the morning and evening. Monthly yoni steam sessions. Walks and creative time are key!

Favorite show you've been watching/book you're reading/podcast you're listening to? 

If you could be any of our marshmallow flavors, which one would you be? 
Lindsey:  Gotta go with S'mores!

To learn more about Lindsey and her business:
Instagram:  @BIRTHFIT