Squish Stars: Melanie Moss

photo of melanie moss arranging desserts 

The past number of months have been a whirlwind. Yet, there are some women entrepreneurs that are continuing to break the mold and shine like the stars they are! We're proud to introduce our Squish Stars campaign, highlighting incredible women entrepreneurs!

We were lucky to talk to Melanie Moss, Co-founder and Pastry Chef of  Mini Melanieand ask her some questions. 

Tell us about your business? How did you get started?
Mini Melanie is an online bakery with delicious and innovative desserts fitting for every special occasion and memorable gift. From our signature jewel-shaped colorful cake truffles, to layers cakes, custom cakes, deep dish cookie cakes, and cookie tins, our sweets are known to be just as beautiful as they are baked with passion and technique.

What measures have you been forced to take since COVID started? What is the biggest pivot you had to make with your business? 
Melanie: We have pivoted to an almost complete focus on e-commerce, and we've built out our website, commissary kitchen, and line of products. Prior to COVID we were focused on events, catering, and wholesale.

What have you learned from this experience thus far? Both on a professional and personal level. 
Melanie: This has been a huge challenge, and it's made us grateful that we had a diversified business to begin with. But we've had to completely change our business with all of the leg work between myself and my co-founder.

Have any businesses or individuals helped to inspire you through this time? What do you admire most about them? 
Melanie:  We're inspired by any other business that hasn't given up as well and is getting creative to survive.

What are the biggest issues for running your company right now? What areas do you need help with? 
Melanie: Marketing and acquiring customers.

What's been your biggest win since starting your company? 
Melanie: Our product line and customer service.

Are there any special or new self-care practices that have helped you stay grounded? 
Melanie:  Just trying to stay sane with my toddler son and brand new baby!

Favorite show you've been watching/book you're reading/podcast you're listening to? 
Melanie: How I Built This podcast.

If you could be any of our marshmallow flavors, which one would you be? 
Melanie:  S’mores!

To learn more about Melanie and her business:
Instagram:  @minimelanienyc