Frozen Hot Chocolate

cup of frozen hot chocolate with whip cream on top, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with a marshmallow

Our hot chocolate mix makes a delicious cup of hot chocolate, but what about in the summer heat? No sweat (but, probably sweating, it's hot out), we've got you covered with our Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe! 

1: Make the hot chocolate, from the instructions on the hot chocolate mix pack
2: You don't have to bring the hot chocolate to full hot temperature, just enough so that all the contents of the pack are melted and smooth in the milk
3: Pour the hot chocolate into a heat-safe container, and chill the hot chocolate in the fridge overnight (or, if you're making it in the morning, it'll be ready by the evening)
Frozen Hot Chocolate:
1: Make sure to give the container a good shake (since this is made with real chocolate, it will sink to the bottom, but just a few good shakes will mix it right back up).
2: Take approximately 1 cup of ice and 1 cup of the chilled hot chocolate and mix together in a blender.
3: Pour into a cup and enjoy! Add any whip cream or toppings you'd like, to make it more fancy!