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DIY S'Mores Kit includes Choice of 6-Pack marshmallow flavor, 12 homemade graham crackers, 3 bars of chocolate, 6 bamboo roasting skewers, Makes 6 individual s'mores
stack of 3 assembled s'mores made

diy s'mores kit

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S'Mores! You love 'em, we love 'em, so why not have your own complete kit, to make 6 adorable s'mores? Choose your flavor of marshmallow, get creative with roasting (pro tip: gas stoves, fireplaces, or actual bon fires work great! No fire? Assemble your s'more and microwave for 6-8 seconds!), choose your quantity of chocolate, and place it all in between our homemade graham crackers.
Perfect for gifting as well!   

Choice of 6-Pack marshmallow flavor
12 homemade graham crackers
2 bars of chocolate 
6 bamboo roasting skewers

Makes 6 individual s'mores